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Polska Szkoła Wyszyńskiego Polska Szkoła Wyszyńskiego Polska Szkoła Wyszyńskiego Polska Szkoła Wyszyńskiego Polska Szkoła Wyszyńskiego Polska Szkoła Wyszyńskiego Polska Szkoła Wyszyńskiego Polska Szkoła Wyszyńskiego
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The Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski Polish School at the Hyacinth Basilica has been faithfully serving Chicagoland's bilingual community for a number of years. Though this educational institution is especially geared at serving children of Polish decent, it welcomes all students, preschool through high school, who want to deepen their knowledge of the Polish language and Poland's unique culture and history, regardless of race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

This fully accredited institution is and has always been nonprofit. All income, mainly from tuition, is designated for school expenditures. School funds also accumulate from profits earned at school functions, profits from the school store, and donations.

The school year begins in September, on the first Saturday after Labor Day. It concludes on the Saturday preceding Memorial Day. Classes are held every Saturday, from 9:00AM to 12:00AM (preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1-8) and from 9:00AM to 12:30 PM (high school). The students are taught by fully qualified professionals who dedicate their valuable time in hopes of imparting a joy of learning as well as a thirst for knowledge on their students. The educational curriculum encompasses lessons in the Polish language, history, geography, literature, and culture. Religious education also plays a significant role in the students' studies. It is made possible by a group of devoted priests, sisters, catechists and the support of the students' parents.

Students are encouraged to participate in faculty-supervised extracurricular activities. One such activity is the theater group which puts on performances for the school and community. One of the SCW Polish School's main goals is to instill a positive sense of community spirit and inspire active participation in various Polish as well as American organizations.

Because the Chicagoland is home to such an expansive population of Polish-American families, services such as those provided by the Wyszynski Polish School are an extremely important means of fostering a sense of pride regarding students' multicultural roots, as well as equipping them with fundamental academic skills essential for success in the future.

Parafia Św. Jacka
3640 W. Wolfram
Chicago, IL 60618
Tel. 773-342-3636

Ewa Koch
Dyrektor Szkoły
Tel. 224-433-0386

email: info(at) polskaszkolawyszynskiego.com